Artificial Intelligence 

IO Group‘s proven Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Datawarehouse solution provides the insurance industry a strong solution to structure, extract and use data that brings options for our clients to increase process efficiency and standardization. IO excels using extensive industry knowledge to build AI solutions and additions to any existing Eco-system. 

Main focus is how to minimize data overflow for user of an IT system which improves end-user perception of the IT Solution. The potential of AI use for each client is individual, though IO believes that up till 80 % of common processes can be optimized via AI.

IO Groups AI solution(s) has potential to support our clients to achieve increased efficiency of various processes by reducing time, cost and re-adjust the manpower for more qualitative work. Efficient use of data via AI is key and the leaver for process optimization which reduces fraud and risk as well as increases value and image of the clients in the market. 

IO Group’s objective is to add AI components to new or existing IT solution to support the usage of the solution / platform, though decision-making remains human. 

Please reach out to Kirsten Skarnvad, CCO, email:, for any questions.


    IO Archiver with AI assistant

    In collaboration with clients IO Group has developed an AI Assistant to our IO Archiver that today supports and continue to learn about our clients search and archiving method / approach.

    This means that the system continuously learn on previous use decisions and actions and will therefore respond and provide results in an even more efficient manner for our client – a day by day optimization.

    Our work with the AI Denmark has helped us achieving this result. Read more about AI Denmark here.



    If you are interested in knowing more about the IO Archiver or AI in general please reach out to Kirsten Skarnvad, CCO, email;